Various locations. 2010 - Present (Ongoing).
Recorded by various cameras and lenses. Black and white only.
The aim of the project to chase after the interaction between light and shadow in our daily lives. I chose to shoot in black and white only because I wish to put greater emphasis on lights and shadows, which are the core elements of this project. Colour, on the other hand, could be a distraction.
Since this is an ongoing project, this page may be constantly updated from time to time. You are also very welcome to visit and follow me on my Instagram page to view the latest shots of this project in the future.
Some of the shots are seriously flawed and defective. For example the following photograph using an expired roll of Shanghai GP3 120 Film. 
But this is life.​​​​​​​
Life is perhaps a journey of seeking perfection out of imperfection.
Light creates shadows, which then emphasises interesting patterns, especially patterns that we might have otherwise ignored in our daily lives.
I really like the following shot, for the fact it illustrates the busyness of Hong Kong people. Everyone is rushing in this picture - the pedestrian who is running, the car turning to the main road, and the photographer behind the camera (me) who was taking this picture.
Time is like an enemy to all of us. And because of that I love the idea of how a photograph can freeze the moment, and thereby freeze the time. It allows us to come to a stop and read the world in a different manner.
I love capturing silhouettes - for the fact that it brings suspension and mystery. It leaves space for imagination.
Who are they? How do they look like?
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